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Feeling a tad bleak?

After rather a bleak few weeks of national news, a Facebook post made me resolve to carry on feeling positive...

'Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a deliberate attempt to brighten another person's day by doing something thoughtful, nice, and caring.

Believe in the power of kindness to change the way people see and experience the world'

Load of hippy liberal nonsense? Maybe you think that and nobody is going to blame you, with terrorist attacks dominating the news the world can seem like a very harsh place. I despair along with you at the news some days and reach out to switch it off when I can't bear to hear any more, feeling as always that as an individual I am powerless to change it.

I truly believe that the vast, vast majority of us just want to live in peace with our families, our community and neighbours. I do also believe in the power of acts of kindness spreading out like a ripple - instead of allowing dark times to turn us to hate.

I enjoy taking part in a world wide project called Free Art Fridays, if you get the Sherbet Lane newsletter you may have seen I wrote about it recently in there.

The idea is that artist and craftspeople simply leave out a piece of their art in a public place for anyone to pick it up and take it home. A note is popped on it to explain that the art is for them - no strings attached, just enjoy it or pass it on to somebody who they think might like it. It is usually left anonymously just with the details of the Facebook Group where, if they choose, they can get in touch to say they found it. Most people don't of course and we never know what happens to the art but then this week somebody wrote this post because they had found a painting I had left out in my hometown last week. Their words really touched me...

So there you go, an easy thing for me to do leaving a painting on a bench to be found - it created a meaningful moment for somebody else and I got a kick out of doing something nice, it's simple eh?

So after a couple of weeks when I despaired at the world, I choose to commit to carrying on doing random acts of kindness in my tiny attempt to spread hope and positivity rather than fester in negativity and despair. 

So next time the news leaves you feeling deflated, don't buy into all the negativity but make yourself and somebody near you feel good with a random act of kindness. If you need some super easy ideas of what you can do try clicking here or here.

Claire xx


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